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You will be able to incorporate feedback from a paper print or from a PDF of a PDF.In addition, you can receive feedback from a 3D model created in another application or software.Added to AutoCAD.Preview and compare CAD drawings with new features in the presentation. (video: 1:05 min.)Added to AutoCAD.Improved guidance tools, including new text and arrow symbols, including additional symbols for drawing handles and dimensions.Added to AutoCAD.Improved output capabilities, including increased tolerance for coordinate entries in the drawing.Added to AutoCAD.Visualize your 2D drawings with powerful and intuitive annotation tools. Add notes, arrows, and annotations to your drawings, and embed CAD files directly into your documents.Added to AutoCAD.Enable to record and share video tutorials on SketchBook and Microsoft OneNote.Added to AutoCAD.Use the new vCloud Director service to build and manage your AutoCAD drawing templates from a web browser on the go.Added to AutoCAD.Video: New in AutoCADMarkup Assist: Import and incorporate feedback from your designsIncorporate feedback from a paper print or PDF file into your CAD drawings. Create a new drawing or existing file and import the.pdf file. (video: 1:15 min.)You can import a.pdf file into a new file or existing file.In addition, you can import a 3D model created in another application or software.Added to AutoCAD.Create an annotation with a sketch or vector image. You can draw arrows, rectangles, lines, text, and text boxes in a drawing. You can also use an existing image or file as the basis of your annotation.Added to AutoCAD.Interact with AutoCAD documents with a 3D model or 3D scene. Select an individual element in your drawing, hold the mouse down, and drag the 3D model over the drawing.Added to AutoCAD.You can also work with a 3D model or scene without a drawing. AutoCAD is the first CAD application to offer the ability to import a 3D model or scene into AutoCAD and work with it without a 2be273e24d

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