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A: You can save whatever you want to a database, but the easiest way to do what you want is to use cookies. Cookies are generally associated with a particular domain. A cookie associated with would be available to all pages on that domain. (For more on cookies, visit How do I make a cookie for my website?) It sounds like you're concerned about your cookies being used to identify you or track your activity, so what you should do is create a cookie that only contains the value you want to use. For example, a user could create a cookie named user_id that is set to the user ID (or an incrementing ID). The user can then use this cookie to uniquely identify themselves to the site when they navigate from page to page. As far as losing or changing the content in the cookie, this generally has no bearing on what happens to the cookie itself. The cookie will still be available for your domain as long as it is valid. NOTE: cookies will be lost if you log out of your website. 1946 Florida Gators football team The 1946 Florida Gators football team represented the University of Florida during the 1946 college football season. The season was the third for Bob Woodruff as the head coach of the Florida Gators football team. The Gators played their home games at the Florida Field in Gainesville, Florida. The team was disbanded at the end of the season, and replaced by the Florida State football program, which had been recently revived. The Gators were 7–4–1 overall and 3–4 in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Before the start of the season, the Gators were involved in a controversial SEC Championship contest with Tennessee; the Gators dropped the game, 42–6, in Knoxville. Prior to a 28–6 loss to Centre, the Gators were ranked No. 5 in the AP Poll. Schedule Primary source: 2015 Florida Football Media Guide Game summaries Mercer In a game billed as the "Battle for the Military Academy Mules", the Mercer Baptists defeated the Gators 7-0 in the inaugural year of the American Football League at Tampa Stadium. Centre Sources: The Gators fought valiantly until the third quarter, but the game ended with a 42-6 victory to Centre, the SEC champion. Georgia Tech Sources: In the second game in the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets homecoming,

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